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Hogan and Bobo | Software Engineer's Notebook-Hogan Profile-Hogan.B Lab

Hogan Lin Co-founder

Hogan & Bobo | Software Engineer's Notebook-Bobo Profile-Hogan.B Lab

Bobo Lee Co-founder

Hogan.B Lab

"I hope it'll remind you of your desire to learn to programme." founded in 2023/05
We are committed to providing easy-to-understand software information and educational articles.
Make complex software knowledge easy to understand.
We understand that learning software programming language skills can be daunting.
The goal of Hogan.B Lab is to make these software themes easier to understand and apply.
Through our software teaching methods, you can not only learn software-related knowledge
You can also easily apply these software skills to improve your web design and UI/UX design capabilities
Join us as we help you master the intricacies of software!
And have fun learning the software
We look forward to becoming your learning partner