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I don't work for Dcard, and I'm not in the creative or marketing field.

So why did I, as a software engineer, have the opportunity to participate in the Dcard 12th Anniversary Celebration?

Back in 2015, I was a college student.

Just before a final exam, I saw a posting in the jobs section that was looking for a software testing student.

That's how I got into the Daan office for the first time, and I joined Dcard by mistake.

Eight years have passed since I first stepped into the Dcard office.

As time passed, I left Dcard and graduated from college many years ago.

I am now a software engineer, and in my spare time, I have started to run my own self-media business.

(and recently became the creator of Dcard XDD).

This year Dcard invites all graduation partners to join Dcard's 12th Anniversary - Surprise the Originals!

I would like to use Dcard as a platform to share this event with you, including the office, event photos, food... etc.

This post is not an official collaboration post, just my own little participation tips

On that day, we asked the staff and the founder in advance if we could send photos. They were given permission to do so.

But if there are any photos that don't look right, please let me know to take them down.

Dcard's various logos first


The event was held in Dcard's office, which is located on four floors in Taipei.

Each office has its own exhibition room, through the different exhibition rooms of the gateway activities

To familiarize graduation partners and participants with the projects and products of different departments and teams.

p.s There was limited time for the break-in, so I didn't take notes, so please forgive me if the photos are wrongly matched with the exhibits!

Exhibition Room - Goodies Research Laboratory

Dcard games

Dcard Ads

Dcard IP

(I was also lucky enough to see my alma mater's joint T. So cool!)

Dcard Creator

Dcard Friend

In addition to the exhibition space, we also visited the bright and spacious office

There's also the Ikea pantry snacks and drinks section, which has been opened by many people.

Food and drinks were also prepared for all participants (with great sincerity!).

After the gatecrashing activity, the staff assembled the group in another activity venue

The agenda was a fireside chat with founder Kytu, a Dcard preparation video, and a cake-cutting session (the cake was adorable!).

The venue was set up with great care, very much like a small concert!

Last but not least, here is a photo with Kytu!

me02-Dcard Kytu-hogantech


I had the honor of joining the Dcard family in college.

We've watched Dcard grow by leaps and bounds to where it is today, eight years later.

I really think Dcard is a great company with a great atmosphere.

I'm really touched to be back this year (although it's even better because it's bigger and the office is different hahaha)

Thank you also to Dcard for inviting us back to our home!

I hope you enjoy this share!

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