107 NCKU EE|NCKU ME|NCCU AM Transfer Exam

Cheng Kung University Electrical Transfer Exam


This article was actually written in 2018, and now in 2023, relocated the insightful article to my own blog, and also successfully graduated from Chengdu University of Electrical and Mechanical Sciences.

I'm thankful that I was young enough to bite the bullet and face the transfer exams, which were seriously the toughest time of my life.

Finally, I hope this article is helpful to anyone preparing for the transfer exam!

Transfer Examination Marks

NTU CS, no admission

NCKU EE, admission

NCKU ME, admission

Calculus (90) Physics (70) English (60)

NCCU AM, admission, Caculus (87) Caculus (84) English (64) Chinese (60)


A high school in Taoyuan with mediocre grades, National Yang Ming High School, he focused on his club as president for the first two years of high school, and picked up his books in his senior year as the atmosphere of exams pervaded among his peers.

The total grade point of the test is only 49, the finger test and then continue to serious for half a year, the average pulled to 60 fortunate to enter the National Taiwan Ocean University Department of Computer Engineering.

Motivation for Transfer Examination

I was born with a bone in my body, and I always imagined myself to be that special person. In my freshman year of college, I participated in various activities, worked part-time, and went to New York in the summer to study, and it was only when I was abroad that I really understood my insignificance.

After another half year of internships in Taipei and studying at the same time, I really made up my mind to get out of the rainy Keelung during the winter holidays of my sophomore year.

Unfortunately, after spending half a year studying like crazy, I failed in the transfer exams.

Transferred subjects, conceptualisation and calculus No admission to the University of Hong Kong.

No admission to NTNU

Taiwan Normal University, no admission

No admission to NTU

I remember on 8/2, looking at my parents' angry and disappointed eyes, I looked calm on the outside, but I was bawling on the inside. I told my parents that I wanted to take the exam again, that I would find a way to pay for it myself, and that I wanted to get up from where I had fallen. I want to get up from where I fell. This time, my goal is to take NTU Information Technology, and I'm switching to the subjects of Physics and Microcalculus.

Transfer Examination Process

Working Period

On 8/2, after signing the suspension letter to my parents, I rode my bike back to Taipei. I remember crying as I rode along the mountain road, bawling my eyes out at my own incompetence. I also silently promised myself two things: I would find a way to make it through this year even if Taipei's spending was high, and I would never cry again this year.

In August, after paying tutoring fees, rent, and miscellaneous fees, I saw that I only had 6,000 yuan left in my account, and I didn't even have any money for my next month's rent, so it was the first time that I gritted my teeth. Since August, I have been waking up at six in the morning, reporting to the library in Xinyi District at eight on time, reading physics, which I haven't touched since college, going to work on time at eleven, hiding in the stairwell to memorise vocabulary in silence during my free time, and going to work at night until half past ten.

In October, I lost four kilograms of body weight, I still doze off while waiting for the traffic light when I ride home, I am still too tired to touch the books in the library in the morning, I still don't have time to touch the micro-credit points, I still don't have enough money in my account to face the huge price of goods in Taipei, and I can at most finish the last year's course in physics.

December is a big month for work. I worked continuously for more than ten days, and I also worked all the way from 10am to 1:30am, with only a three-minute break in the middle for lunch and dinner. On leave, I dragged my tired body to the library, but I didn't finish the four major chapters of physics and kinematics, and I still didn't read calculus, and I still stayed in the stairwell of the company to memorise the English words. Money pressure, work pressure, and study pressure came one after another. That period of time was the time when every time I rode a bike, I wanted to just push the accelerator to the end and never let go again....

Study period

In January, the pressure of work was really too much, and I planned to just pull my face down and resign from my job in April, using the family's financial assistance. On the one hand, I have fallen behind in physics, and on the other hand, I haven't touched calculus at all. I've started to review all of Physics, and I've also started to read up on Calculus. This time, I can study without any hesitation, but when it comes to living expenses, I can save as much as I can, and the rent of 9,000 yuan is devouring the figures in my account like a monster every month.

In April, the pressure of money was like a heavy weight on my body, and I was tired of the cheap and unhealthy food I had to eat. The pressure of studying is also increasing. I have read Physics until half of the pre-electromagnetism course, and I have brushed up on my calculus score, but I feel that I am lagging behind in my progress.

I forced myself to shut down again, cut off my home card, and left Taipei. I went to study in a small suite in the mountains, where I spent less than $800 a week on meals, probably ate several meals of instant noodles a week, and studied from seven in the morning until twelve at night, only leaving the house once every three days. During that period of time, I was facing the books in front of my desk, wanting to just give up everything, give up everything...

In June, I went back to Taipei again, I was exhausted, I hadn't eaten normal food for a long time, and I hadn't seen many people for a long time. I spent a whole month adjusting my mindset to face the exam.

Preparation for the Transfer Test


Since January, I have been preparing for the self-study, because of the experience of the first transfer and the actual use of calculus in physics, the second half of the calculus is no longer difficult to understand. Vector calculus, partial differentiation, linear integration, recalculation, and differential equations are the main focus of the transfer exam, and if you don't understand these areas, it's hard to compete with others.

Use of books

(twice), Calculus details (once), original book steward (NTU Micro 2A hook questions once) Archaeology questions: NTU Micro 2A four years, sixteen papers back and forth twice, wrong questions will be brushed again after brushing once. (The main purpose is to familiarise myself with the second half of the chapter)

NTU has brushed six times in the last ten years, and once in the last twenty years (the main intention is to face the first half of the changeable chapters, so that it can flow like a cloud)


I've been preparing for this since August, and I've only been pushing Liu Zongru. I started listening to last year's Cloud in August, and I finished listening to kinematics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism in December, and I've been keeping up with the teacher every time, and I've been brushing up on the questions several times. After February, I reviewed kinematics a few times and thermodynamics a few times. It was only in early May that I finished electromagnetism, and at the end of May that I finished wave optical proximity.

Use of books

The original book halliday (did not brush the questions, read the summary of each chapter), physics essentials (to do rotten), Liu Zongru teacher all the examination papers, nearly 60 (all understand, wrong to do three times)


The University of Taiwan's past (brushed it twice) Chinese Language: In order to prepare for the University of Taiwan, I purely prepared essays, two to four essays every week. For a person who only scored 9 points in the test and only 50 or so in the finger test, such scores are already a big step forward, and my sense of words has become much sharper than before. (The second major question of the National Chengchi University essay was almost automatically deducted nearly 30 points, that is, the multiple choice questions and essays were almost not deducted).


Although I have put a lot of effort into preparation, the score describes the way I prepared incorrectly, then I will not fight


The first time I drank more than ten glasses of whisky by myself, and the first time I used words to write my own emotions, why is it so, it is very simple, I want to tell the people who have failed to change their exams, if God closes the door for you, then find a way to pry open the window by yourself.

I really thank you for this year, gritting my teeth and struggling, perhaps out of society to understand that society is not gentle, we wish the world to be gentle, the world is not gentle to me? I hope that after half a lifetime, I will still remember the madness of this examination.

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