Naughty Life Invisible Laptop Stand: A savior for engineers with sore shoulders and necks

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As a software engineer and graduate student, my work and report processing are basically inseparable from computers. If you need to change your work location, such as at home, office, client, etc., the biggest problem with such frequent moves is: you want to have a comfortable working environment anytime, anywhere, and when you are away from home!
You may be able to design a comfortable workspace to use a laptop at home, but if you are working and reporting outside, you really have to rely on the help of a laptop stand.
However, the laptop stands on the market are usually quite bulky and bulky. In order not to increase the weight, most of the time I would rather go out with just my laptop. The result is that you have to work with your head down for a long time, your shoulders and neck will be sore, and your efficiency will be greatly reduced.

1. Problems encountered in finding the ideal laptop stand

A journey to find a laptop stand and solve shoulder and neck pain….

We started researching various laptop stand brands. However, after trying three or four laptop stands, I found that although some laptop stands are very stable, they are very bulky, and carrying it every day is like carrying an extra original document; some laptop stands are light and foldable, but they are very heavy every time they are unfolded and folded. It is very troublesome, especially when you need to quickly open computer records, display files, etc., but you will not use them because you are worried about time-consuming storage.
With these experiences, I discovered that a practical laptop stand should not only be light and easy to carry, but also store it intuitively and provide solid support.
When I was searching hard for a laptop stand that fully met my needs, I happened to receive an invitation to experience the Life invisible laptop stand from Naughty Ghost. After trying it for a while, I found that Naughty Ghost's invisible laptop stand is exactly the laptop stand we have used. A collection of advantages!

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2. Why choose Life invisible laptop stand?

Four major advantages of the Naughty Life invisible laptop stand:

  • Small size, light and easy to carry: The Life invisible laptop holder weighs about 130 g, which is equivalent to a pack of toilet paper!
    In addition to being almost negligible in weight, it is only 0.3 cm thin and does not take up much space when placed in a laptop bag. It will not increase the burden of carrying it at all!
  • Special adhesive for seamless sticking: The laptop holder uses an exclusive adhesive material that can be directly attached to the laptop body without leaving any traces. It can be removed at any time without fear of scratching the laptop.
  • Unlimited laptop types, 12-16 inch laptops are available: Whether you use a MacBook or are a Windows fan, you can use the Life invisible laptop stand!
  • Three angle adjustments, smooth switching in different situations: The stand has adjustable angles of 20, 25, and 30 degrees respectively. After actual testing, 25 degrees is suitable for typing and coding, 25 degrees is suitable for online meetings, and 30 degrees is suitable for watching movies and TV series!
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3. Use experience

My first impression after receiving the Life invisible laptop stand is: it’s really thin and light! Set up is also very simple and can be completed quickly in a few seconds. After using it for a few weeks, we found that whether we are at home, in a coffee shop, or in the office, we can quickly adjust the laptop holder to the most comfortable working mode according to the situation at that time.

Here are some impressive and practical benefits we experienced after trying it out for a few weeks:

  • Lightweight and convenient: It’s no burden to carry around. Wherever the laptop goes, the stand goes.
  • Excellent heat dissipation: The laptop stand has an opening design, which can help the laptop dissipate heat and prevent it from getting hot after long-term use.
  • Stable support: It has a special patented structural design. Although the body is thin and light, it will not shake or tip over even at a high angle of 30 degrees.
Naughty Ghost Laptop Stand-4

4. Laptop stand specifications

When choosing a laptop stand, in addition to considering functionality, material and aesthetics are equally important. Only if it looks pleasing to the eye can it be used for a long time and be used every day! The Life invisible laptop stand is also very careful in selecting materials and colors:

  • Material:The stand is made of PRIME FLAX scratch-resistant linen leather, which can prevent scratches on the back of the laptop after being adhered.
  • Color: There are currently six colors available. You can find a suitable bracket color for laptops of various shapes, with a wide range of choices.

The Life invisible laptop stand is also highly flexible in terms of applicable specifications and can support a wide range of laptop models.
As long as it is a 12-16 inch laptop, it is suitable! The main body of the electric rack is 22.3 X 15.8 X 3mm.
Therefore, it can be used as long as the two pads on the bottom of the laptop exceed 22.3cm.

But if you are using a laptop above 16 inches, it may be safer to try it out!

5. Hogan & Xiaobo readers’ exclusive lottery: Say goodbye to shoulder and neck pain together!

The Life invisible laptop stand is lightweight, intuitive to use, and has strong support, solving the pain points of many digital workers. So we also want to share this good product with more readers!
We will draw a brown Life invisible laptop stand on IG to give back to readers. The way to participate is super simple.

Please refer to thisPost link,The lottery results will be announced after 6/20.

At the same time, the brand also provides Hogan & Xiaobo readers with an exclusive 12% discount code: Hogan
(Discount codes are available while the discount code is used up, and are case-sensitive!)

Take your laptop with us and go out to work!

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