By choosing WEBASite, marketers can also create their own e-commerce lucky wheel draws!



The lucky wheel is a common lottery activity on various e-commerce companies. However, some online platform websites operated by marketers do not provide this function. It takes a lot of time to research the code or communicate across departments by yourself. In addition, event planning is time-sensitive. It requires a convenient and easy-to-operate method to speed up the construction time.

If you are also a marketer who is exploring, or you are interested in programming and are on the way to learning programming, today’s article will let us talk about how to use the No-Code advantage of WEBASite to quickly and effortlessly create Lucky wheel.

What is No-Code?

It refers to a kind of development application. No-Code means "no need to write any code". Specific functions can be quickly produced and provided to customers and users for use. To put it more simply, it means that the web page production process is simplified from the original need to write code to just a few steps of dragging, pulling, clicking, and selecting, and you can quickly create a beautiful interactive event page just like making a presentation.

The goal of this approach is to lower the technical threshold, enable non-technical personnel to create complex applications, and reduce development costs and engineer labor costs.

What marketers must know—rapid feature development

Marketers often face adjustments to event arrangements. In order to cope with short-term activities, they need to create relevant event pages and functions. For example, the No-Code web page construction platform provided by WEBASite can provide marketers with event web page production, and quickly develop functions that are enough to share the event schedule pressure, such as online lottery, lucky wheel and other interactive games, which can definitely reduce time pressure. and workload.

The biggest advantage—lowering costs for small and medium-sized enterprises

When operating an e-commerce platform, no matter which website platform they choose, I believe that in addition to "complete functions", the relative "price" is also the final evaluation point for most companies to choose. And not every company has the resources or budget to hire engineers for development or set up an engineering department.

However, choosing WEBASite can help companies achieve their development goals efficiently and perfectly even with low budgets or when there are hot topics that require quick production of event web pages to follow suit.


WEBASite provides hassle-free, time-saving, and quick creation of interactive websites

WEBASite, developed by WEBA, is a mobile-first No-Code web building platform that provides convenient and easy-to-use cloud solutions (SaaS), allowing enterprises and non-program developers to quickly develop functions and unleash their creativity through such tools. , to meet diverse application scenarios such as customer acquisition, membership management, digital interaction and services.

And compared with custom development, WEBASite saves 15 working days on average and provides 13 types of web components, plus 50 sets of building blocks. Users can customize OG and SEO content as needed. The emergence of this kind of platform can greatly simplify the web development process, allowing more non-professionals to quickly create high-quality web applications.

WEBASite Features

What are the features of WEBASite? Why is it worth choosing?

With the rise of No-Code development technology, enterprises have more choices when meeting their needs. I believe everyone would also like to know more about the features of WEBASite’s interactive web pages based on this technology:

1. Intuitive editing method

For example: Canva, Figma. For example, WEBASite has 100+ built-in activity packages that can be applied at will without worrying about additional costs. By just dragging and clicking, anyone can make it easily and quickly, and they can unleash their creativity in response to different festivals, current events, and usage scenarios!

2. Data collection

The WEBASite project can be connected to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM), which can help enterprises obtain more complete data, such as: users, new users, number of views, average dwell time, and number of page views. Through these data, users can better understand the performance of their activities, and optimize and adjust the website based on the data analysis results to improve user experience and achieve better target results.

3. Generate more interactivity

In WEBASite, users can add some animation effects when creating functions to increase the interactivity of the page, such as "lucky wheel" draws, "form" components, etc. Lottery draws, forms, etc. can leave participants’ personal information after use and become targets for remarketing.

Currently, the WEBASite platform is free to use, but paid plans may be launched in the future. Please refer to the official website for information at that time to obtain the latest payment-related plans.

WEBASite Implementation

5 steps to quickly create a "Lucky Wheel"

Whether it is lottery games, interactions, sending discounts, etc., we hope to use these situations to gain more intensive connections and interactions with visitors, and to make corporate activities more diverse and interesting.

The "Lucky Wheel Component" provided by WEBASite can help companies easily create lottery activities, allowing users to play the lottery wheel on their mobile phones.


Enable interactive lottery components

After entering WEBASite and creating a project, you can see that the components area provides components that can solve various marketing needs. After clicking the "Lucky Wheel", the editing area screen will also appear simultaneously. At this point you can start making the carousel lottery!


Step 1: Award setting

Award Settings> Click the "Add Award" button in the upper right corner to set the award category, award inventory and winning probability in sequence


The above are all the award settings before the project is "not online". When the project is released and goes online, the "Award Category" and "Award Inventory" cannot be modified. If you need to modify, please click "Add Award" and delete the old award.

Step 2: Styling

Style selection > Lucky wheel preview > Appearance adjustment


Step 3: Status page settings

You can switch the winning, not winning, etc. status pages > Set the text content and style of the status page in sequence on the right


Step 4: Activity Form Settings

"Activity Form" is a form built into the lottery. When you open it, the system will automatically create a question type for you to collect winning information.


How to check the lottery records?

You can instantly check your lottery records in the "Interactive Tools > Event Management" of the selected project, and you can instantly confirm the inventory in the "Award List".


By sharing this article, I hope to help more people quickly understand the convenience and speed of WEBASite’s interactive webpage, so that more people who are learning programmers and marketers can complete activities effortlessly with more planning and arrangements. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message!

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